GISI  - Association of Italian Instrumentation Companies - was established on 15 July 1974 with the aim of creating an Association that would bring together the Companies, Experts and Operators in the field of instrumentation, control and automation for industrial applications (process and / or manufacturing), civil and laboratory, present in the Italian territory directly or indirectly.

The Association is open to manufacturing companies, distributors, installers, system integrators, service companies and production facilities, as well as users of automation and instrumentation systems (End Users, OEMs,…). it is also open to representatives of cultural organizations in the sector, as well as to representatives of companies that use production and services, to teachers and qualified professionals. Natural persons who have gained experience and skills such as to give value to the Association and its members can also join.

GISI  promotes and favors agreements of general and particular interest between the Associates and between them and other Bodies, Associations, Organizations, national and international. It provides for the printing of publications and the promotion of activities for the dissemination of culture and for the development of the instrumentation sector.

Over the years, while maintaining faith in its principles, the Association has evolved by providing associated companies with a series of services (accompanying companies to major trade fairs and / or conferences in the sector), knowledge of the market (through the Observatory , statistical surveys of various market segments, and the systematic study of products) and ancillary services (legal, tax, etc.).


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