Nazeer Hussain University (NHU)

Nazeer Hussain University (NHU), is one of the leading institutions of Higher Education in Pakistan. It is a progressive university chartered by the Government of Sindh and recognized by the Higher Education Commission. Our mission is to equip the students with knowledge in the professional descriptions, which would enable them to stand on their own and compete in the local as well as international job markets.

To achieve the goal we are employing highly qualified and experienced faculty and providing environment conducive to learning through latest lab equipment and lab facilities. Not only we take pride in grooming students through our outreaching efforts, but also strive to add value to the graduate students, equip them with appropriate skills in order to ensure their employability and future prospects.

NHU is taking a step forward and providing to its students adequate exposure in practical fields. For the purpose of completion of practical assignments of the students, which is a part of their academic activities we collaborate with the corporate sector and arrange internship for our students of i) Architecture, ii) Computer Science, iii) Electrical Engineering, iv) Electronics Engineering, v) Telecommunication, vi) Mechanical Engineering, vii) Business Administration viii) Pharmacy likewise ix) Education.

This greatly help the students to improve their future prospects, as it supplements their theoretical knowledge with the on-hand field experience. Needless to add that participation of students in the internship offered by organizations of high repute, not only adds value to the qualification of our students but also promotes human resource development in the country.

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