DHA Suffa University

DHA Suffa University (DSU), established in the year 2012, has systematically taken giant strides to become the institution of choice in Pakistan. The university offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in Engineering, Computer Science, Management Sciences, newly launched programs BS in Software Engineering, BE in Civil Engineering, BS in International Relations and BS in English. 

At DSU, students receive quality education and become part of an academic community sharing diverse interests. DSU not only helps to expand the mental faculties of individuals but also transforms them into more open-minded, accepting and involved citizens. With a vision to move forward, DSU intends on becoming a globally recognized institution of higher education and research by extending the frontiers of knowledge and contributing towards grooming the scholars of tomorrow. 

From the expansion of infrastructure to the development of technology, revamping of curricula to the formation of pedagogy, addition of foreign qualified faculty to the international collaborations multi face, DSU has been committed to provide well-equipped engineers, computer scientists, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

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