ROBOLAB Technology Sdn. Bhd.

ROBOLAB is setting a new standard in Digital Transformation.

At ROBOLAB, we serve a wide range of industries by providing a set of systems related services such as base-line audit, business transformation, digitisation diagnostic tool, digitisation prioritisation matrix, digital solution architecture, systems integration, integration with ERP, custom MES development, distributed control systems, and machine vision systems. We also provide training and staffing as well.

Launched in 2010, ROBOLAB’s team includes experienced and professional members from the industry as well as from renowned international research organizations. These individuals had leading and decisive roles in the design and construction of the largest, most complex – and industrially unprecedented –high complex systems.

At ROBOLAB, our team has many years of experience in the engineering and technology solutions on Digital Transformation This experience allows our highly qualified Professionals to adapt and to understand the needs of even the most complex businesses and infrastructures of today. We are experts in confronting novel problems and thinking “outside of the box” to provide creative & innovative solutions.

Our professionals have decades of experience developing complex systems, which has allowed us to develop the skills necessary for predicting the evolution of a system and the know-how to design solutions that minimize long-term maintenance efforts. We can provide system modularity to ease upgradability and minimize learning time for new engineers and operators, ensuring that operations are not affected by personnel rotation over the years.

Working in the topmost industry and research environments, our core team has had the opportunity to work with the latest, cutting edge technologies in several fields. We can coherently develop and integrate systems using computer vision, distributed control systems, robotics, internet of things, artificial intelligence – and more – into any control system, enhancing systems and producing results that surpass expectations as well as ensure the best value for our client.

At ROBOLAB we have at our disposal a large network of highly experienced contacts; we bridge the gaps between research and industry to facilitate technology transfer most efficiently and profitably. We can also provide training and staffing services directly or by means of our partners worldwide.

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