Chongqing University

Chongqing University (CQU), located in Chongqing municipality directly under the Central Government, is a national key university deputy ministerial level directly under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and directly under the Ministry of Education, is one of the 31 state-run universities, which are jointly constructed by the Ministry of Education and Chongqing. CQU was one of the most outstanding national universities in China as early as the Republic of China; At present, it is among the first batch of high-level research-oriented comprehensive universities for the "double-first-class"(Class- A World-class) Universities, the "211 Project" and the "985 Project"; Included in "2011 Plan", "111 Plan", "Excellent Engineer Education and Training Plan", "Excellent Legal Talents Education and Training Plan", "Overseas High-level Talents Introduction Plan", "Chinese Government Scholarship Receiving Colleges for Overseas Students", "Ministry of Education Demonstration Base for Overseas Studies in China", "National Construction of Public Graduate Program for High-level Universities"; also a member of "Sino-Russian Alliance of Engineering Universities", "Alliance of Engineering Education and Research of Sino-British Universities", "Alliance of Chongqing Universities" and "Alliance of Chinese Wine-making Universities", with graduate schools.

In 1929, Chongqing University founded by Liu Xiang, in the 1940s, became a national comprehensive university with six colleges of Literature, Science, Engineering, Commerce, Law and Medicine; in 1942, was renamed National Chongqing University; in 1960, became a national key university. In May 2000, the former Chongqing University, Chongqing Architectural University and Chongqing Architectural College merged to form a new Chongqing University.

As of June 2017, the school covers an area of 5212 mu, with four campuses A, B, C and Huxi. The building area of the school is more than 1.6 million square meters, with a total collection of 4.5 million books and more than 6500 Chinese and foreign periodicals; 200 authoritative literature databases; There are 35 colleges with 95 undergraduate majors covering 11 disciplines categories such as Science, Engineering, Economics, Management, Law, Literature, History, Philosophy, Teaching, Art and Medicine. more than 47,000 students in school, including 19,000 master and doctoral students, 26,000 undergraduates and 1700 foreign students. 

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